Traffic Counter System

TraffiCounter 2000 is a state-of-the-art statistical tool that provides a complete set of reports on the number of visitors.

The system completes our suite of retail applications RomPOS 2000 - GestPOS 2000 and allows complex statistics. The system addresses a wide range of activities, from shopping centers, shops, stadiums to airports and train stations.


  • Determines the best daily and hourly intervals for sales promotion
  • Optimal promotions management
  • Efficient staff organization depending on the number of visitors
  • Optimal inventory and supply planning
  • Viewing annual, monthly and hourly statistics
  • Increase efficiency by correlating sales with the input / output of clients 


  • The system monitors both the entry and exit of visitors
  • Count is done either on the common entry-exit door, either separate entry and exit doors
  • In terms of hardware, the system is composed of two separate units, "receiver" and "transmitter"
  • The software provides communication with the hardware, the collection of traffic data in real time and graphical display of information (reports and statistics)
  • The data can be exported in spreadsheet applications (e.g. Excel).


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