Master HeadOffice

The system’s functionalities allow the management of an entire network of shops and warehouses.

  • Product association
    • A product to one or more stores. The combination can be regarded as a combination product-store or store-product;
    • A product from one or more vendors;
  • Transactions managing module;
  • Reports module;
  • Administration module;
  • Bidirectional communication module between the stores and headquarters (BOS-HOS);
  • Electronic recharge mode;
  • Possibility of making associations between items and shops;
  • ERP-SAP extern system interface;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Developed on NET framework 2.0, using an architecture on 3 levels;
  • The database is created in  SQL Sever 2008/2012;
  • Management (catalogs, sale prices, promotions);
  • Promotions can be done on one or more products that are associated with the stores;
  • Several price strategies are implemented;
    • Free price (can be set at retail locations);
    • No strategy (only at product level);
    • Standard price;
    • Price standard with defined boundaries;
    • Standard price + / -%  preset difference;
  • Warehouse management module - optional;
  • Inventory module using wireless terminal - optional;
  • Reports;
    • Receipts;
    • Sales situation;
    • Points earned / redeemed situation;
    • Motivation module- dedicated report;
  • Sale price strategies can be defined for each product;
  • Setting a date of entry into force of a new sale price (date and time);
  • There are several possible product groups (families, categories, subcategories, Group 1, Group 2);
  • Blocking a product on purchase, on sales or both.


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