PECOPOS 2012 is a state-of-the-art Point of Sale system, developed by Master Computers based on the experience gained in over 11 years of working in the retail of petrol stations.

The first PoS system was developed in 2001. Since then, the application has been enhanced continuously with new features through annual updates. PECOPOS 2012 is however a completely new application.

Compared to the previous version, the GUI has radically changed becoming more ergonomic; there is the possibility of using icons for shortcuts, you can easily implement discount schemes and promotions and an offline mode has been developed.


  • Operating sales (with authentication by username and password or operator chip card or barcode);
  • Graphical operation of fuel sales by selecting the pump’s icon;
  • Storing data in the fiscal memory of the fiscal printer / cash register;
  • Ensuring communication with fiscal printer / cash register;
  • Printing the fiscal documents (fiscal receipts, Z report);
  • Providing data transfer to / from BackOffice;
  • Defining your own barcodes;
  • Shortcuts with icon insertion for the most sold products;
  • Organizing products on groups and families;
  • Recording special transactions - priming and metrological samples;
  • Multiple possibilities of operating sales: (internal / plu / multiple bar code) or search by name (if the barcode can not be read or does not exist) or directly by selecting the product from a list shortcuts;
  • Monitoring the status of the fuel pumps directly from the application;
  • Blocking a fuel pump from the application;
  • Freight return on the original fiscal receipt ;
  • Performing an inventory directly from the PoS ;
  • Making a sale transaction based on a order;
  • Methods of payment  cash, check, credit , credit cards, vouchers;
  • Virtual keyboard for touchscreen PoS equipment;
  • Pending a current fiscal receipt;
  • Canceling a fiscal receipt;
  • Selling in the offline mode;
  • Includes legislative updates such as H.G no. 84/2013;
  • Adding loyal customers directly from the PoS;
  • Multiple settings for discount schemes and promotions;
  • Recording sales schemes for loyal customers;



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