ROMPOS Loyalty

ROMPOS Loyalty is a stand-alone application that ensures defining, implementing and managing complex fidelity politics for customers. Although, the module is optional and independent from GestPOS 2000, it operates at a high level of complexity and completes the BackOffice System.

Rompos Loyalty allows defining every type of promotion/discount:

  • “value range” type
  • “2+1”type
  • “at two products bought, the second is sold at half price” type
  • “a package of promotional products, including one product from  the 1, 2, 3 group products and generates a discount for the group 4 of products” type
  • …and many more

There is the possibility of making not only percentage discounts, but also value discounts. The settings enable unique incidence, fractional or multiplicative. Each promotion allows recurrence by selecting the days and periods of time. Promotions can be activated (it is not compulsory) only if there is an active fidelity card on the fiscal receipt.


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