Pump Controllers

Master Computers is the first company in Romania that developed communication equipment with fuel pumps (forecourt controller, pump controllers). Thus in 1999 ​​the first pump controller that communicates with the fuel distributor Sofitam Satam was made.

In 2001, Master Computers made ​​the first controller that communicates with fuel distributors in IFSF – LON standard. Over time, the pump controller has been developed for all types of pumps that were distributed in Romania.


  • Made entirely by Master Computers
  • Modular developed, with a module core that you can add any specific pump interfaces
  • Controls all equipment in the station: fuel pumps, price panels, level measurement systems in tanks etc.
  • Specially developed for working in a heavy-duty environment
  • Available for all types of fuel pumps and IFSF – LON standard

The pumps that can be connected directly are:

  • Dresser Wayne
  • Tokheim Spectra
  • Quantum Tokheim
  • Tokheim Euro
  • Tokheim 382
  • Satam Sofitam
  • Adast
  • Tatsuno Benc
  • Scheidt & Bachmann T20
  • Scheidt & Bachmann  T10
  • Gilbarco
  • Logitron
  • Nuovo Pignone
  • Petrotec
  • Fami Electronics
  • Kalvacha Pius


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