For stores and supermarkets

For small stores

Master Computers provides minimal systems allowing sales and product management. You can use fiscal printers and cash registers to issue tax receipts. The solution may consist of one hardware system or a network of POS systems and a management system.

Due to its flexibility the system can adapt to the specific requirements of each customer. Thus, its performance is a guarantee of the investment. Implementing the Master Computers retail solution yields immediate benefits, determined by increased sales volume and cost reduction.

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For chain stores and supermarkets

The complete solution for shops and supermarkets will fully cover the requirements for sales activities and data management. Apart from the classical structure, we have developed complex fidelity modules for your customers and analysis / control of the business modules.

The solution for chain stores includes complete systems for managing sales and products. The HeadOffice system deals with the processing of information about sales, inventories, orders, distribution, loyalty points and promotions. It also provides price control and price modification in real time. Moreover, due to the adaptability of the systems developed by Master Computers, there is the possibility of interfacing with any Enterprise Resource Planning system (Oracle, SAP etc.) or interface with any accounting software or in-house type.

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Solutions for petrol stations

For petrol stations

The proposed systems ensure the effective operation of your business, by easing the administration and operating systems.

The system allows optimization of all processes, inventory accuracy and manages to eliminate possible errors. Due to the flow of transactions, we recommend using Epson fiscal printers, recognized worldwide for its high performances. We developed an electronic pump control module that allows operating the fuel pumps, the price displays and the level measurement systems in tanks. This module is available for all types of fuel pumps.

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For chains of petrol stations

Master Computers is the leading developer of management systems for petrol stations. We are the only Romanian company that has entirely achieved such a system with over 500 implementations.

There are 3 main areas of activity:

  • The sales system – PecoPOS 2000
  • The management system - GestPOS 2000
  • Centralized management system- Master HeadOffice
Typical configuration for a gas station:
  • 1 or 2 Points of Sale, on which the sales application, PecoPOS 2000, will run and the pumps communication server
  • 1 or 2 electronic pumps control modules, depending on the number and the model of the pumps
  • 1 PC, on which the management application, GestPOS 2000, will run.

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