Epson fiscal printers are state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art equipment designed for the retail environment. Carefully studied ergonomics made these printers very easy to use and fit perfectly into the environment in which they are used, occupying the minimum of space available.

Leader in PoS solutions, Epson has succeeded in producing robust and high performance printers, favoring cost savings, more efficient business management, and improved customer service. As basic facilities, we can mention the high speed of printing, the automatic cutting of vouchers, the configuration of several forms of payment and VAT rates, the printing of the journal together with the printing of the fiscal receipt, through a single pass of the printing head, etc. In order to turn a voucher into a fiscal printer, we produced the first fiscal module in Romania in 1999. Therefore, the fiscal modules marketed by Master Computers are coupled directly into the printer housing, making a unitary unit.


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