Master Business Intelligence

Offers support for taking rapid and valid business decisions that are necessary to enhance the performance of a company, by providing consolidated and updated information in real time.

The module is unique for the precise information that it offers to managers and entrepreneurs:

  • Rapidly generates detailed reports for the firm’s activity, sales, collections or other activities  from one or more work places
  • Contains analysis tools for reports
  • The possibility of easily identifying the action needed for streamlining processes within
  • The company, based on actual data
  • Identifying and eliminating unnecessary expenses

Master Business Intelligence embeds latest technology, processes and analyzes a significant amount of data, bringing information about articles, partners, cash-flow, profit, discounts, stocks etc.

The module natively integrates with the suite of solutions for retail RomPOS 2000, GestPOS 2000, Master HeadOffice, but it can also use as a source of data any database or Excel file.


  • Updated information in real time
  • Secured data access from any location
  • Easy to achieve analysis by non-IT personal
  • Data concerning trends, issues, areas that require improvement/re-adjustments
  • Intuitive and easy to understand
  • Provides visual and representative forecasts and interactive dashboards


Non-stop support

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