Management system specially designed and made ​​for shops, fuel stations and wholesale business units.

GestPOS 2000 is an administration system specially designed for stores and commercial units. The system offers users the possibility to control their stocks, allowing them to view at any time their current stock along with a set of reports. GestPOS 2000 can be launched on a different computer in the same network as RomPOS /PecoPOS or in the case of small stores it can run on the same computer where the sales are registered.

Standard facilities:

  • Real time updating and viewing your merchandise stocks
  • Administrating stocks at medium prices, FIFO or LIFO 
  • Ensures a centralized control of prices, including real time modifying
  • Working multi-storage or single storage, single user or in network
  • Generates reports for  stocks, sales, entries, consumables etc.
  • Generates custom designed reports
  • Allows data centralization from local points of sale to the headquarters (data transfer by modem, internet etc.)
  • Advanced security facilities
  • Working with barcodes
  • Compressed saving options and data base restoring from external drives
  • Statistics elaboration (products - by value and quantity, suppliers)
  • Data exporting possibilities


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