Barcode Printers

These equipment allow the printing of barcode labels. Barcode printers are available in a wide variety of types, technologies, and sizes. To choose a printer type, you need more information:

- Printing technology

a Direct thermal (no ribbon) is the most economical printing solution

o Through thermal transfer (ribbon) ensures superior print quality and higher label resistance over time and exposure to external factors

- Volume of labels printed daily

o Small-volume desktop printers 500-1500 labels / day

o Medium performance printers 2000-5000 labels / day

o High performance, resilience and reliability industrial printers that allow unlimited label printing (non-stop operation)

- Label size

- Printer resolution

- Required connectivity (desired interface type: serial RS 232, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Wireless Lan)


Non-stop support

Numbers for non-stop support:





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