Fiscal modules

Fiscal electronic devices (AMEF) are classified into two main categories:

  • Cash registers
  • POS equipment

Fiscal modules are electronic equipment that convert a usual receipt printer into a fiscal printer. Commonly, fiscal modules are connected directly to the printer case, resulting a unitary ensemble, often visually identical with the original receipt printer.

In 1999, Master Computers produced the first fiscal module made ​​in Romania. This module was initially designed for the receipt printer, Epson TMU 210A. On 23 February 2000, the first technical approval has been obtained for a POS cash register, using a fiscal module produced in Romania by Master Computers (Magic POS, notice no.52,

A series of notices for AMEF followed, using the fiscal module produced by Master Computers, intended for:

  • duty-free shops (MarcoPOS, technical notice 68/10.03.2000)
  • pharmacies (PharmEc POS, technical notice 71/15.03.2000, PRIMULA POS, technical notice 107/21.06.2000)
  • stores (RomPOS 2000, technical notice 75/31.03.2000)
  • petrol stations  (PecoPOS 2000), technical notice 121/20.09.2001)
  • exchange offices (EuroPOS EXchange, technical notice 187/11.07.2002)
  • and many more

 Meanwhile, with the advent of the new generation of dot matrix printers, a fiscal module was developed for the matrix printer Epson TM U220A and for the thermal printer Epson TM 260F.

Due to the quality and reliability of fiscal modules and sealed partnerships, Master Computers has become the biggest producer of fiscal modules since 1999.

In recent years, Master Computers has developed an electronic fiscal log module not only for Epson printers, but also for special printers used in external payment terminals.



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