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Master Computers, in partnership with SoftOne, proposes innovative ERP solutions for business resource management, solutions that provide a high degree of customization and adaptation to the particularities of each business.

Soft1 business software solutions (ERP, CRM, BI) work identically on both client and Cloud servers, with a 100% flexibility.

By adopting a Cloud-based software solution, benefiting from the technological benefits offered by the Windows Azure platform, which ensures maximum availability and security, companies that do not want large IT infrastructure investments have access to the world's most modern technologies, just like companies multinationals, but at low costs.

SoftOne is the market leader in the Cloud ERP / SaaS segment with over 3,000 cloud-based applications, while Soft1 is used by more than 17,000 international companies.

Master Computers has a dedicated team of consultants with experience in analyzing business processes and implementing Soft1 ERP solutions.

At the national level, the complete and modern Soft1 ERP solutions have been implemented by our team for a wide range of economic agents, with different business areas, including: Enescu SRL, Dionis Prestcom SRL, Mirus ABC.


Master Computers has a professional approach to projects and partnerships with SoftOne, where experience and collaboration of development, consultancy and support teams is at the service of the client.

Our approach is to develop standard (pre) configured, industry-standard packages.

This approach allows acceleration of implementation for customers with business processes similar to the "standard" configuration.

At the same time, it is possible to configure the system from scratch, based on process analysis, to implement all client-specific business processes.

Master's top position in the field of tax solutions has made the first vertical developed by our company to be the retail one in which the typical processes of this industry are standard.


You can get the performance of your business with Master Computers' integrated software solutions!


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