Europos Exchange

EuroPOS EXchange is the ideal solution for recording and managing sales for exchange offices. The system's flexibility allows it to be perfectly adapted to any specific requirements, and its performance is a guarantee of its investment.

The fiscal printer

EuroPOS EXchange uses Epson TM U 220, a robust matrix printer with the following features:

  • 9-pin print head, 40 columns
  • Carbonless paper 76 mm
  • Printing speed 40 times / sec
  • Max. 2 copies of the receipt
  • Auto cutter

The print head has a time of operation of 150 million characters. The auto cutter is guaranteed for 800,000 cuts, and the printer has a MTBF of 180,000 hours. The fiscal module for Epson TM U220 has been developed by our company that holds the national leadership in this area.

Customer display

EuroPOS Exchange uses a customer display with 2 lines of 20 characters each (numbers and letters). This display can be integrated into the PoS or it can be installed separately or in any available space in the distributed configurations of the PoS.


The software provides:

  • Communication with the fiscal printer
  • Data storage in the fiscal memory
  • Sales operation (operator authentication)
  • Printing fiscal documents (fiscal receipts, Z ratio)
  • Making daily reports
  • System function in diagnostic and service arrangements
  • Text interface with the BackOffice application (optional).

EuroPOS EXchange communicates with the existing management application. The interface between the two applications is very simple, represented by text files. In this way, the recipient may keep the existing management application, but has to comply with the fiscal laws of the exchange offices.


Non-stop support

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